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OOC info and contact

player contact.

[ name ] Ariel [aka. Atali, A.]
[ musebox ] [community profile] prettylittlehead
[ private message ] RP Hub Journal
[ preferred ] Whichever, but I'm more likely to see it on plurk, ngl.

ooc permissions.

[ backtagging ] Yes, but... if things drag on forever and ever then I may fade out, I'm not gonna lie.
[ threadhopping ] I love it when people do this, have fun with it.
[ fourth-walling ] Unless an individual journal says otherwise, please DO NOT Fourth Wall with me.
[ action vs. prose ] I usually lean to action, but only because I write in present tense. Long story short, I don't mind prose as long as you don't mind me writing present tense.
[ offensive subjects & triggers ] I'll be happiest if you can avoid (or minimize, at least) gross-out humor, but other than that go for it.

Generally everything is a maybe, because I'm a "Go With the Flow" kind of person - that includes both general topics (e.g. shipping/violence/smut) and specifics (particular kinds of relationship/acts of violence/things in the smut). BUT THAT SAID...

[ no ] anything that normally involves a toilet, necrophilia (vampires don't count shh), mpreg.

This list is subject ot expansion if something comes up that I didn't think of.